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Any person who uses or intends to use a trademark in the Republic of Korea may file an application for the registration of a trademark. Although the Korean Trademark Act has adopted a registration system, the applicant should have a bona fide intent to use his/her trademark in the Republic of Korea. Nonetheless, trademarks which are not used must also be registered. Such trademarks, however, will be subject to cancellation if they remain unused for three or more consecutive years after their registration.
Documents Required
For a trademark application, the following documents should be submitted to KIPO:
an application stating the following: the name and address of the applicant (including the name of an executive officer, if the applicant is a juristic person); the trademark; the designated goods and class thereof; the date of submission; and the country and filing date of the priority application, if the right of priority is claimed;
10 specimens of the trademark (8cm x 8cm or smaller in size);
the priority document if the right of priority is claimed; and
a power of attorney, if necessary.
Only document (1) must be submitted at the time of filing the trademark application. The name of an executive officer of the applicant may be added later on the applicant's own initiative or in response to a notice of amendment issued from KIPO.

If the applicant fails to submit specimens of the trademark or power of attorney at the time of filing the trademark application, KIPO will issue a notice of amendment with a designated time limit to the applicant. The priority document must be submitted within 3 months from the filing date of the trademark application in the Republic of Korea. This time limit cannot be extended.
Designation of Goods/Services: Nice Classification
A person who desires to file a trademark application must designate the goods/services for which the trademark is to be used in accordance with the Nice Classification of Goods or Services for the Purpose of Registration of Marks. The Republic of Korea adopted the Nice Classification on March 1, 1998.

A trademark application may be filed for the registration of a trademark for goods or services which fall under several classes in accordance with the Nice Classification. In this case, the applicant must pay additional fees for each classification.
Claim of Priority
The right of priority can be claimed in a trademark application for an applicant whose country of origin is part of the Paris Convention or under a bilateral agreement between the two relevant governments or on a reciprocal basis. In order to enjoy the priority right, an application should be filed in the Republic of Korea within 6 months from the filing date of the priority application. The priority document should be submitted to KIPO within 3 months from the filing date of his/her application.
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