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Design system information
A design is easily copied and sensitive to trends. Therefore, it is subject to several special systems different from other industrial property right laws.
Similar design system
1. Overview
The similar design system features the creation of a basic design transformed into variations and continuously created.
As the scope of similarity is abstractive and indefinite, protection by registration is required for similar designs within the scope of similarity to prevent infringement and imitation.
Thereby, a design transformed from the basic design which an applicant has registered or filed can be registered as a similar design.
2. Contents of a similar design
Similar design rights shall be assigned and extinguished in indivisible combination with the design rights of the basic design.
However, it is possible to create similar design rights only by an invalidation trial or a trial to confirm the scope of the rights or to cancel the rights.
Set item design system
The Act specifies "the doctrine of one application for one design" through which an application for substantive examination design registration shall relate to only one design so as to clarify application items, accelerate examination, and also define the scope of the rights.

However, if two or more articles are exceptionally used as a set of articles constituting a coordinated whole, the set item design system is applied so that they can be examined and registered through one application.

Items for a design of a set of articles (Addendum 5 of the Enforcement Regulation of the Industrial Design Protection)
Secret design system
A design is easily copied and sensitive to trends. Therefore, if it is disclosed that the owner of the design rights to a design has not completed the proper preparations for a business, the owner may lose all business profits due to imitation by others.

An applicant may request that the design be kept secret for a period of three years from the date upon which it is registered or protected.

The request for the undisclosed design is made from the filing date of the application to the payment date of the initial registration fee so that the applicant can efficiently manage the situation. The applicant may reduce or extend the period by a maximum of three years.

In any of the following cases, the Commissioner of the Korean Industrial Property Office shall allow persons to have access to a design when:
The request is made by a person who has obtained the consent of the owner of the design rights;
The request is made by a party or an intervener in examination, trial, or litigation proceedings;
The request is made by a person who has clearly stated that he/she was warned about infringement of the registered design; - The request is made by a court.
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