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A design has an indivisible relationship with articles and cannot exist without articles. That is, the Act does not protect a created design, but protects articles to which the design is applied.

The articles herein mean "movable properties which are independent and definitive." Thereby, the following cannot be included in articles protected in accordance with the Act.
Immovable property
Shapeless things such as heat, air, fluid, electric, etc
Powder or granules such as sugar
As of July 1, 2001, the partial design of articles such as the heels of socks, necks of bottle, and handles of coffee cups can be registered as well. However, the name of design target articles shall be specified as socks, packing bottles, or coffee cups.
Things that are not the intrinsic shapes of articles (e.g. a handkerchief folded into the shape of a flower)
Configuration (shape, pattern, color)
Configuration means the shape, pattern, color or combination of these in an article
Shape: appearance of an article which occupies space, 3D outline which composes articles
Pattern: chromaticity, color turbidity, and color distinction which show the appearance of articles
Color: color painted on articles to be discriminated visually
A design is limited to things which can be identified by the human eye. In other words, the Act is not applied to things sensed by feeling or things unable to be discerned and to things which can only be identified using instruments such as a microscope.
A design is applied only to things which stimulate an aesthetic sense. However, since aesthetic sense may be subject to individual judgment, it is difficult to establish exact judgment criteria. Therefore, in actual examination, if an article has perceptible formative beauty rather than a high-level of aesthetic sense, it is regarded as possessing aesthetic sense.
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