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Prior art search and analysis
Litigation and disputes
Patent Translation
Daeilpat supplies its customers with a large variety of Intellectual Property protection services in Korea including patent services, trademark and design registration services.

Our Patent and Trademark attorneys advise the customers in their efforts to establish, protect, and enforce their intellectual property rights in Korea. We are some of the leading experts in intellectual property strategy and counsel in Korea.

We also provide search and valuation, analysis, patent translation, litigation, unfair competition, rights and trade names, infringement, portfolio management and enforcement advice.
Patent Trademark Design
We keeps sufficient patent professionals acknowledged of their respective technologies in several fields to meet applicants' requirements both local and overseas. In Daeilpat, Trademark attorneys and staffs being familiar with the routine of examination in KIPO, make efforts to increase the rate of trademark registration. In Daeilpat, we can make design of good, how difficult it is, as perfect CAD drawings made as required format by KIPO.
Search and Analysis Litigation and Disputes Patent Translation
We takes pride in having successfully completed a number of patent clearance projects for a large global company and helping them in the decision making process. We have successfully litigated and disputed patents owned by large and small corporations in virtually every industry and technology area. Our experienced translation team provide high-quality translation services for patents and for other legal.
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