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This group handles techniques related to IT and software patents. Electronics, semiconductors, computer science and software, photonics, telecommunications and networks including internet technologies and financial systems are the main areas of practice.
Technical Expertise
Our range of technical expertise includes:
electronics and semiconductors
computer science and software
telecommunications, computer networks and internet technologies
optics and photonics
financial systems and business methods
Eelectronic and electrical engineering, information and communication technology
Diverse inventions about general electrics, power electrics, electric goods, robots, elevator, battery and controlling techniques were registered to KIPO through our office and currently, we make efforts to maintain the highest level and the rate of registration in KOREA, moreover, advance them. Lately, cell-phone and its material, its parts and circuit techniques are being filed and registered as paten
Former days computer programs were registered as copyright, but these days they can be filed and registered as patent. Lots of computer programs used in computer systems or network systems are being filed by Japanese enterprises.
Business Methods
21st century's patent topic is IT, especially BM(business methods). BMs using internet are being registered as patent, and lately lots of BMs using mobile internet, are being filed. Our clients also are filing more patent application, and that is the proof approving the specialization of Daeilpat in BM patent field.
We offer a complete suite of patent services, including:
the preparation, filing and prosecution of patent applications in most countries
patent novelty searches and assessments,
handling patent oppositions, patent infringement claims and enforcement of patent rights.
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