A brand of good is another important topic in national market. Trademark or service-mark gives you a right, and makes you enter the market freely.

In Korea, a well-known brand is being preferred, as other countries are. Thus there are so many cases that companies try to use a similar trademark to well-known trademark so as to increase their revenues. Therefore you should register your brand as trademark right so as to increase the degree of freedom of your business.

In Daeilpat International Patent & Trademark Office, patent attorneys and staffs being familiar with the routine of examination in KIPO, make efforts to increase the rate of trademark registration.

Our trademark services: strategy, registration and defense
- trade mark creation, in partnership with local and international brand agencies
- trade mark selection advice with legal issues in mind
- trade mark availability searches
- trade mark registration in Korea and other overseas countires
- trade mark infringement and defence
- anti-counterfeiting measures