Daeilpat has an extensive experience in litigation, adjudication of the scope of rights, correction permits, cancellation, appeals on rulings, final appeals, appeals on rulings for objection of denial evaluation and objection of rulings, and warnings on infringement and examination activities for patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks

In the patent area, Daeilpat has handled litigations involving a wide spectrum of technologies and industries such as filtration devices, communications, software, computers, automotive, construction and building, office automation equipment, and commodities.

Our Services
Daeilpat offers a full range of IP enforcement services, including:
- Patent infringement, trade mark infringement, copyright infringement and design infringement litigation
- Patent and Design revocation / invalidity disputes.
- Trade mark removal / cancellation including non-use proceedings.
- Passing off litigation.
- Appeals from decisions of the Trade marks Office, Patent Office and Designs Office.
- Geographical indications litigation.